Friday, November 27, 2009

Evening's sights

After spending the afternoon doing stuff and things, visiting with a friend and partaking of a slice of fresh pumpkin pie...I headed out of most of "civilization" and into the woods. I took off into the back of a section I have the forester's permission to hunt. It backs onto a small cornfield on one edge and some 3rd forest reprod on the other... with one state park closing the back and a highway on the other edge. For all that its almost medieval once inside, ~50 year old forest that has been maintained, thinned and pruned, almost like a European one in some ways. I walked in a ways on the road, the plot is about 2.5 miles deep and a mile wide from the state highway, after parking out of sight of the highway. There was a small opening on the side near the cornfield with signs of a great deal of traffic into and out of the small bit of standing corn where it was too muddy to harvest. Finding a comfortable tree that was still within muzzleloader range of the trail and the standing corn I sat down for a wait until evening.

Not to be, the first deer appeared about 5 minutes AFTER shooting light, I had set tight through the end of light after hearing something moving in the woods off to the left of the opening. A doe and a yearling entered the gap first followed by a 3x3 buck and another doe, nice to watch even if I couldnt shoot. After watching them into REAL darkness, I roused myself, switched on the headlamp and headed back to the truck.

Even though I didnt fire a shot, it was nice to rest in the peace and quiet of the woods. It is something that recharges me and is calming.

Home again to make some breakfast for dinner, sausage, eggs and toast.
A good end to a great evening.


Its a cold, wet, raw morning with the coffee brewing. Both cats wanted OUT into the heavy leaden grey sogginess that has been the woods of late. The rivers are up and have swept out the bits from the corners...the rest of the rotting salmon carcasses, odd trees, stumps and the dietrus of humanity's use (OK, Abuse) of the world. This too shall all wash out to the bay, to be deposited on the shores.

Tasks for the day: Find where the deer are hiding, get the space around the stove cleared so I can burn a fire, list the "stuff" to sell on Evilbay - cleaning out the closets and my life, find some food that does not involve turkey, start loading for the 1937 Husqvarna sporting rifle in 9.3X57 and see if the gear from yesterday is DRY yet.

Checked the work cell Hair-on-Fire-Screaming-Emergency-of-the-Day (tm) to deal with, so for now the time is mine.

More later...