Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weather and the sun.

The trek to the salt mines this week has been broken with some simply STUNNING sunrises!

Monday was the river bottoms full of a thick flowing fog with the forlorn tips of trees poking out, disappearing in the shifting mass and reappearing seconds to minutes later. Mountains sharp, black and stark, like cut from a thick steel plate and placed against the fire and fury of the sun. Tuesday was a desert-like in the deep blue with a ring of pastel orange and yellows around the horizon Wednesday was swaddled in a blanket of fog until I climbed out to see the mountains stark and pink in the waning sunrise. ALL the river bottoms were thick and heavy...wipers on like light rain. Thursday was wraiths of fog all lit by the beams from a cosmic torch...colored and driving into bountiful light. Friday was much like Monday...thick fog in the river bottoms (where the roads run of course) and bright on the hilltops poking out of the fog.

Its like April in February or so says the news. One thing I HAVE noticed is that the trees are blooming already...Cherry blossoms and pussy February...we often do not see our last frost until late April...and I've had snow on my birthday around April's end.

Anthropomorphogenic Global Climate Change... right.
* this one has been hanging about for a few months...while I have been visiting the Land of the Rising Sun*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunday was NOT such a bad day...SLEPT until I woke naturally...what a change...then SSS and get ready for the day. I got myself out of the house around 11ish..headed to the model train show after checking on a friend, at the train show until they kicked me out. I miss my train, the time to putter with it and the space to work with it.

Then went to the hills and shot the 7mm-08 a bit, it hits well and it's FLAT shooting. I found 2 bx of ammo in Federal premium for a SILLY-STUPID price as it was loaded with 140gr Nosler Ballistic Tips and a box of Winchester for slightly less stupid for 139 gr PowerPoints. I got dies with the's a GOOD thing. Think some more brass is in order....was thinking Winchester or Remington. I'll load some Hornady's for whacking and some Barnes TSX for critter-gittin'. While kiddo and I waited for a slot in the BUSY gravel pit I decided to go for a wander.

Hiked in the newly logged out areas in the Basin, whacked Wile E Coyote with a Nosler, as he was running a deer...185 yard shot. I whistled him to a stop, Pow. MANGY critter with lots of missing hair, bugs in the bare spots and stinking wounds with maggots in them...might have done him a favor.

Hiked to the top of a new cut and found the equipment tracks and followed them to the point of entry...where i thought it was. Note to self: WEAR BOOTS for climbing clear cuts, tenny-runners just don't cut it. I was constantly stopping to take off a shoe and dig the rocks/twigs/dirt out of socks were muddy when i got back to the truck.

About that time I was notified that the pit was clearing, so back I went. While shooting Nature took control..or something I ate was not compatible with me...eventually I headed down to the house and the restful climes of a dark and cool room the house.

What I REALLY wanted to do was to sit in the woods until dark listening and watching the water running over the wier...Oh Well back to the Salt Mines.