Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reasonable Bytes: The Looters need you...

Reasonable Bytes: The Looters need you...

The Looters need you...

Work harder, lazy people need your money. Entitlement programs are YOUR responsibility.
Work harder, you need to pay for other people's poor decisions. They chose whether or not to do their homework, study, try, go to college, where to live, and therefore the jobs that they have available. It is YOUR responsibility to pay for their lack of health benefits, their lack of retirement savings, THEIR lack of a job. It's your DUTY (insert guilt here) towards your fellow humans.
Work harder, your investment in your education needs to help pay for those who didn't even try. Most of them decided along time ago that it took too much effort to be successful members of society. So much easier to just get by.
Work harder, your investment in your business needs to help pay for those who don't care. You need to work late to keep your business alive so that you can keep paying for those who leave at 3:30 to go home and drink beer not to think about work again until an hour after they show up the next morning.
Work harder.....the Looters need you.

This is the kind of thing that leaves me grinding my teeth, yes its tongue FIRMLY in cheek in its delivery...but its also the Bit-O-Truth for the day. Yes, there are folks who genuinely cannot fend for themselves, they DO need some help as a part of our humanity and the obligation to care for those who cannot truly do so for themselves.  This does NOT excuse the JUST FLAT LAZY who would rather dabble in games, art, mindless sloth, babies for dollars or pharmacological oblivion.  I feel NOT ONE BIT of obligation to support them for a second. Some may think that this is a horrible and unfeeling position, if so, please open your purse or wallet and just randomly hand any money in it to the next person you see.  Do this EVERY time you have ANY money in your wallet.  Now...don't you feel enlightened?  Possibly BROKE? 

I care, for people, for friends, even for strangers who, having lived lives of work and honor, just need a little support. Those folks I do not mind in the least, sharing what I may have that will help them through the setback.

As for the terminally lazy and unmotivated? Sorry (or not) I have worked HARD for what I have, what I have made of things and I am not in the least sympathetic for those who do not wish to put out the effort.

So Sue Me.