Thursday, August 13, 2015

Things that go "BUMP" in life.

Yeah I know that things happen as we get...Uhm, (Older), some of which are good - like gaining some wisdom regarding life.
Other are less good - like discovering that its food sensitivities that are causing the rest of the body to get slightly whacked out and uncomfortable.

So at the urging of a Dr friend, I had the requisite testing done.


Wheat - there goes yummy breads, pizza crusts, hamburger buns, things coated and deep-fried.
Eggs - WHAT?? eggs with morning steak, to be wiped up with the Verboten toast.
Dairy - there goes cheese, yogurt, a tall cold glass with the now banished Oreos.

Almonds - my FAVORITE nut snack...and the source of ONE of the non-dairy substitutes.
Peanuts p #2 fav snack and an integral part of Pud Thai....
Hazelnuts - I like those too.

Soybeans? - REALLY? There goes another dairy substitute. And edamame.

Means that things like my usual on-the-run breakfast sandwich (English muffin, ham/bacon/canadian bacon, cheese and an over hard egg) is reduced to a slice of ham.  Its harder to eat things that you need to be sitting with a fork to do when you are at a dead run from A to B to C and back to B again all in two hours.  Breakfast wraps - washed right out.  PIZZA....yeah there are Gluten free crusts...and non-dairy/soy/almond cheese-like substances...just don't QUITE have the same zip...or texture or taste.

Talk about a radical upturning of ones daily routine.