Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunday was NOT such a bad day...SLEPT until I woke naturally...what a change...then SSS and get ready for the day. I got myself out of the house around 11ish..headed to the model train show after checking on a friend, at the train show until they kicked me out. I miss my train, the time to putter with it and the space to work with it.

Then went to the hills and shot the 7mm-08 a bit, it hits well and it's FLAT shooting. I found 2 bx of ammo in Federal premium for a SILLY-STUPID price as it was loaded with 140gr Nosler Ballistic Tips and a box of Winchester for slightly less stupid for 139 gr PowerPoints. I got dies with the's a GOOD thing. Think some more brass is in order....was thinking Winchester or Remington. I'll load some Hornady's for whacking and some Barnes TSX for critter-gittin'. While kiddo and I waited for a slot in the BUSY gravel pit I decided to go for a wander.

Hiked in the newly logged out areas in the Basin, whacked Wile E Coyote with a Nosler, as he was running a deer...185 yard shot. I whistled him to a stop, Pow. MANGY critter with lots of missing hair, bugs in the bare spots and stinking wounds with maggots in them...might have done him a favor.

Hiked to the top of a new cut and found the equipment tracks and followed them to the point of entry...where i thought it was. Note to self: WEAR BOOTS for climbing clear cuts, tenny-runners just don't cut it. I was constantly stopping to take off a shoe and dig the rocks/twigs/dirt out of socks were muddy when i got back to the truck.

About that time I was notified that the pit was clearing, so back I went. While shooting Nature took control..or something I ate was not compatible with me...eventually I headed down to the house and the restful climes of a dark and cool room the house.

What I REALLY wanted to do was to sit in the woods until dark listening and watching the water running over the wier...Oh Well back to the Salt Mines.

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