Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still raining....RAINING.

Holy COW its been a WET past month or so...we are verging on several records for rainy streaks in the "Dry Season"! There is a 5 gallon bucket on the back porch that is my unofficial rain gauge, one that I have had to empty twice in the last 3 weeks...that is a LOT of water.

OTOH, I don't have to water the grass, not even the new re-seed which may drown before it sprouts. Some of it is growing nicely as i walked through it with bare feet this AM while checking the mailbox that no-one thought to get yesterday.

YESTERDAY was really nice, a few puffy clouds, sun and a light breeze, not even enough to loft a good sized kite. Of Course, I was WORKING again...and today, when I'm OFF...its RAINING.


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  1. My brothers live in Poulsbo and Sequimm, they said it's the wettest, coolest summer they remember. Stay dry and safe.