Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brisk they say...BRISK.

Its been chilly at the rancho the last few days...temperature telling thingy has been solidly stuck in the 20s and 30s with the windshield solidly iced up at 0450 when I slide out the door for work.

If not for Work (more of same) being its own reward, I MIGHT be out in the woods. On the other hand I have that thing called a JOB that far too many do NOT have these I won't gripe too hard about 12+ hour days this week. Even though its making hunting impossible. Hopefully the weekend will allow me to get into the woods with the muzzle loader again.

Last weekend was a few LONG hikes in the woods with a funny walking stick. Covered about 5 miles of DNR roads on foot...sat a lot of COLD places while being heckled by squirrels. Waded creeks where there USED to be roads, found places that used to be roads that had been obliterated. Like the one I planned to take back OUT. Lots of hopping over creeks at the bottom of deep man-made gullies, scrambling up the MUDDY sides to do it again 10 yards later....all the way back to the gate where I left the truck.

Oh well. Still better than working.


  1. Hi Woodswalker,
    Nice start to your blog, me thinks I'll tag along and follow for a while if that's ok with you.

  2. Thank you sir! Its just a place to set down my thoughts, musings and ramblings.