Monday, December 21, 2009


Viruses are nasty critters, with consequences no less.

After four hours in the RAW weather leading up to First Flight I thought that I had a small cold. NOT SO. I had/have a BIG cold that has transmogrified itself into a sinus infection. YUCK. This has NOT been my year for staying well, I have used up about 3 years worth of nasty-sickness time in one shuffle of 3 serious illnesses. Stress must have something to do with weakened immune systems.

This to shall pass, though being restricted to my bed bores me to tears and even sick I see all the stuff I think I should be doing. the 9.3x57 loading program languishes as does the 300 Win Mag load development and the 30-06 load development. Since I managed to get through the season with out seeing the critters that were legal THEN AND THERE... AND were in range there is an emptiness in my freezer and a hollow in my soul. Illness stole elk season as well, hence my well-and-truly-sick-and-tired-of-being-sick rant.

Not near enough time in the woods, too much at work and not enough to quell the need in my soul for peace and greenery. A few ducks so far, but not the elk roasts or venison chops nor the sausage I so crave.

Think I need to re-think some priorities. Maybe now with things finally underway in a noticeable manner, work will ease its insatiable demands just a touch. Give us veterans of the salt mines a minute to breath before being flung back into the pit.

A lootery (lottery) would be really nice to win just about now. Of course one has to play to win. Aahhh you say..that is a key component. What would i do? Sleep until I was done sleeping, get up and start a pot of coffee and take a LONG, hot shower, then consider all the "stuff" that fills my waking dreams, pick one and start on it. Pretty simple really. A few things in the Buy-It-Now column just to set the stage. Nothing much more beyond living life.

Time for more coffee today.

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