Monday, March 28, 2011

NOT 24 anymore.

Dang I'm wouldn't think that a single trailer of rack would be too much to unload. Heck it even looks like a spot of work, but nothing too strenuous.

HAAH...just unloading this one load, mostly the STANDARDS, which are heavier than they look, ...left me sore and feeling way closer to my age. They will support 3000 pounds per shelf...and 10,000 total per pair of standards which PROBABLY exceeds the floor's capacity.

Next is getting Long-term College Friend's shop ready to receive those pumpkin beauties, bolt them to the floor and start filling them and clearing the floor space.

That of course means moving the ammo cans again. My back is already cringing. Full of nuts and bolts, screws, washers and clips...they are heavy. A few even have ammo in them.

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