Saturday, March 12, 2011

SLOG, Splut and splash...

Splash, slip and slide.

THAT is what happens when the Rain Gods decide that the Deluge needs to be repeated 10 times over 15 days.

Took the Brown Dinosaur (my 1981 Chevy 4x4) and new-to-me car trailer up to Longtime College Friend's place so he could move some heavy duty warehouse racks. In order that I not need a ride back home, I strapped my trusty S-10 to the trailer and ventured off into the miasma.

Evidently, even with a constant supply of rain, SOME folks cannot remember how to DRIVE in it. You know its bad when the evasive maneuvers move the S-10 around on the trailer such that it requires shuffling and repositioning prior to chaining it back down even MORE snugly. A yahoo cut me off in traffic, braked heavily, flew me the #1 sign and changed lanes again and departed into Warp Drive. Once my heart rate assumed something less than a vibration and more resembled beating, I slowed to the widest shoulder i could find and repositioned the S-10 on the trailer and continued on my way.

Once at LCF's place I discovered that continuous rain also makes his back 40 more closely resemble a swamp than a driveway. Time for four wheel drive and GENTLE applications of the Loud Pedal - instead of my more normal use - to coax the truck and trailer back to solid, if not dry, ground.

The Brown Dinosaur and trailer are awaiting his venturing out. The drive HOME was not nearly as exciting.

I want to go shooting on a not-raining day. It appears I'll be waiting a bit more...

Life in the PNW.

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